About Social Business Explorer

andrew_brownSocial Business Explorer is written by Andrew Brown, a digital solutions leader, architect and specialist in the development, implementation and rollout of collaborative technologies and enterprise social media software (such as Jive and Microsoft’s O365 suite) – the Digital Workplace at multinational management consulting firm, IBM Consulting.

From consolidating multiple intranets into a single social intranet, to rolling out a organisation wide communications and collaboration platform, Andrew has extensive experience in building the business case and obtaining budget for collaboration programmes and has implemented enterprise portal, social media and collaboration tools from many of the major enterprise vendors and overseen the associated adoption programmes to support their implementation and drive measurable value.

Prior to joining IBM Consulting, Andrew was the UK collaboration lead at Accenture, and prior to this spent over 10 years in a variety of online innovation and collaboration technology roles at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), as well as several years working on a variety of technical assignments across Europe and Australasia for British Digital Broadcasting (ITV) and the Toorak Consulting Group, an emerging technologies firm he co-founded with a former university colleague.

Andrew is a member of Charted Institute for IT (BCS) where he has previously served as elected Trustee. Over the years Andrew has both Chaired and served on many of the Institute’s board and committees, including the The Institute’s Council [member], the Resolution Panel [member] Corporate Social Responsibility Board [Chairman], Member Services Board [member] and the Institute’s Young Professionals Group [Chairman], where he was most known for introducing the event series, YPG SkillCentre and the on-line digital tv channel YPG.tv.

Andrew can be contacted via LinkedIn or using the email contact form.